No Art = Mentally Obese Children

“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

Art is Body Building for the Mind

Art, in all forms, is extremely important for the development of a human being. It requires acute focus and specific functions such as fine motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, and the sharpening of higher brain functioning skills.

An effective education requires balance in all areas of life. In our school systems, sports and science are prioritized while art is perceived as an unnecessary extracurricular activity. This is a sad mistake, for art is equally important for the educational development of a child. Sports and science subjects are very important, and we need to continue to make them prevalent pillars in education. However, without a balanced education, the children are left without an arm and a leg. Without congruent assimilation, the children are set up to fail in this world.

Let’s Find some Balance

Practicing art of any form is the mental equivalent of body building. Do you want the future of our world to be filled with people who are physically fit but mentally obese? I can surely answer for you that no one wants that. So let’s bring our society back to balance and see the world the way it really is; with everything connected to everything else, and therefore a need for proper balance in all subjects. As Leonardo da Vinci said, the subjects of art and science are inseparable and eternally linked. Let’s balance the scales so we can set our children up for success in this world.

Help us support the Big Bear High School’s Art Club at The Cave on November 9th so we can find some balance and invest in the wellbeing of our country’s future!

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