Manifest Illusion

About Manifest Illusion

The punk rock band Manifest Illusion was created in 2012 by local Big Bear musician, Alec Johnson. The band was founded with the intention of creating multi-faceted music with compositions that address the human condition, and shedding light on ways we consciously customize our paradigm.

The term Manifest Illusion has a multi-faceted meaning. It simply points to the significance of perspective in basic recognition, and the correspondence between the body and mind (PsychoSomatic). It also points to the way life manifests into existence; from intangible to tangible. Additionally, it explains the way life flows for any individual. The perception of our experiences determine how it affects us.

The band has toured all over California, and has launched several campaigns to generate the local music and art scene. With several lineup changes throughout the years, the band has experienced many changes. In 2016, Manifest Illusion had their debut performance at The Cave in Big bear, with the release of their first music video. The show was a huge success. This was the beginning of a very prosperous year for the band, with the launch of several projects dedicated to community and cultural development.

In the summer of 2017, the band had split ways.

This was Alec’s calling to go to the band’s roots and establish the final layer of foundation for the band. After months of reflection, development, and re-establishment,  the band was ready to take another step. In the fall of 2017, we band began to work our latest material with new members Joey Anderson (drums) and tad Bremer (bass).

Manifest Illusion is now re-launching and is working on the newest piece to be released on August 10th, 2018. We are now raising funds for recording, new merchandise, advanced education, and cutting edge equipment.