Forget everything you thought you knew about Meditation

Forget everything you thought you knew about Meditation

Do you wish you could reach a higher level of productivity?

Do you wish you could learn things quicker and easier?

Do you wish you wouldn’t be bogged down by the daily stresses of everyday society?

Meditation is a tool used to focus the mind and consciously form our paradigm, which is useful in the pursuit to maximize productivity. Forget everything you thought you knew about meditation, and embrace a new understanding of meditation.

Like many things, the concept of meditation is often misconstrued. It is typically perceived as having a mystical connotation, with no clear basis in reality. That conception comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the ultimate purpose of the practice.

Let me demystify it right now:

Meditation is meant to organize one’s thoughts, increase overall awareness, and reach a higher level of effectiveness in every part of our lives. It is meant to strengthen and consciously design the faculty of the mind, which affects every other aspect of our life.

There are many different types of meditation. The most basic is thoughtless meditation, which is a practice to just shut the hell up in our head and be aware of our internal and external world. Thoughtless meditation is essential in the pursuit of higher brain function because it teaches us how to focus our minds. When attention is directed in a focused and deliberate manner, it doesn’t waste energy like a scattered mind does. Thoughtless meditation can be seen as an unthinking; deleting all of your tabs in order to refresh the mind.

The practice of meditation can also be used to create. Once you become more aware of the thoughts that go through your head, and the way you perceive everything in life, you can begin to change them. This is a powerful statement: Do not underestimate the power of our perceptions and thought processes, because it is the basis of our entire experience of reality.

Sorting the mind is like organizing your office or living space. Everything in the room is set up to facilitate whatever activities are being done there.  It can also be seen as programming a computer. You install programs (thought patterns) onto your device (the brain & body) in order to serve a certain function. Everything we focus on and learn about becomes programmed into our system, and everything we practice becomes imprinted into our mind. In fact, the brain is quite literally a biological computer.

This is why awareness of our perception is extremely important. We develop associations from the experiences we have, and therefore form beliefs and expectations on what that experience is like. Then we further perpetuate those experiences the more we develop expectations. It’s a cycle that can either be obstructive or productive, depending on how we use it.

Whether we realize it or not, music has a way of facilitating the process of mental organization. As something that activates and coordinates multiple brain regions simultaneously, it is a powerful tool for programming the thought patterns and paradigms that directly affect the way we experience reality.

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