Are you Awake?

Are you walking through life awake or zombified?

It is very easy to get caught up in the chaos of life. With so much on our to-do list, some often fall into a daze state where they are going through the motions and just trying to get through the day without truly living it. Some people, no matter what circumstance they find themselves in, are always present and take full advantage of their situation. Using the arts of strategy and leverage, they squeeze more than enough out of even a trace of life’s opportunities. On the other hand, some people are lost in conscience, even though they seem to have everything going for them. They have more than enough opportunities, but can’t seem to muster tread in life to achieve genuine effectiveness. They are alive, but not fully present. The lights are on, but no body is home.

The only way to truly make a difference is to BE you

So true presence it is an important thing to stay aware of. How can you take full advantage of the opportunities  in front of you if you are not wholly stepped into the game? How can you understand if you are not truly listening?  If we are to get some tread in this world and make some real connections and creations, it is crucial that we first BE there. Bringing your ost authentic seld into this world will help infinitely more that any

That is why I ask “Are You Awake?”. It is a respectful acknowledgement if you are already present, and a gentle reminder to BE here if you are somewhere else. I also invite you to my content because it is all created with that specific intention. My calling is to use word and music to help myself remember that state of presence that was so strong when I was a child, and to subsequently provide a space for others to do the same. Check out my social media pages below for regular content if you haven’t already 🙂 I post blogs, videos, and music all the time!



Let’s Party

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Alec Johnson is a classical guitarist from Big Bear, Ca. Although his roots are in classical music, his artistic ability ranges throughout a multitude of various genres. Alec can provide music therapy, meditation music, formal jazz, acoustic performances, and a gypsy punk band.

Alec’s intention with music is to facilitate a space for listeners to enjoy beautiful music while consciously acknowledging the automatic cognitive processes that are developed through the perceptions of our experiences. Alec creates a space where the listener can reprogram and/or refine less than proactive thought patterns, as well as design completely new paradigms.

Guitar Lessons

I have been studying college-level material for 5+ years. I have a very deliberate and methodical way of teaching and guarantee that you will walk away a genuine musician. Balance is key. I focus on technical ability, as well as the flow of your heart. You will be given the best technical AND meta-cognitive studies and exercises.

Musical Meta-Cognition

Musical Meta-Cognition is a series to help you strengthen and sharpen your mind. If you would like to make your life easier, have more meaningful connections with the world, and have a more effective and productive mind, then Musical Meta-Cognition is for you.

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